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In Workshop: Brandon Lorimer's play 'Nowhere Man'

• May 24-31, 2021

In Workshop: Nowhere Man

A New Pay by Brandon Lorimer

What is DaPoPo Theatre doing during Second Lockdown? We’re in Zoom workshops – that’s what!

A play about toxic masculinity, serial violence, and the deceptively "big bright beaming mascot of the shining hope" of happiness and freedom, Nowhere Man is set in a dystopian Old West inspired place: Nowhere.

Some of you may have attended our Zoom reading of the script last Spring, fresh into First Lockdown.

Now, over a year later, we are returning to the project, May 24th-31st, with a workshop cast including Lara Lewis, Jacob Sampson, Alexis Milligan, James Thornton, and Michael McPhee (with a guest appearance by Luciana Fernandes!), production design consultants including Karen Bassett, Alison Crosby, Martina Brooks, Wes Babcock, Johnathan Eaton, and Breton Lalama; as well as stage manager Pat Vinluan, director Garry Williams, and playwright Brandon Lorimer.

Sessions are being conducted online, over Zoom, a few hours at a time.

We would like to thank Communities, Culture, and Heritage and the taxpayers of Nova Scotia for some COVID Relief funding with whose help we are able to hold these workshop sessions.

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