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King of Berlin

by Kristin Slaney with an original score by Garry Williams

April 16, 7:30pm: Fountain Hall – ONE NIGHT ONLY!

The original poster for The Doppler Effect's production of King Of Berlin, QueerActs 2017.

May 2, 1945. The last of German troops surrender Berlin to the Red Army, and the war is finally at an end… but does it mean peace has arrived? As former Weimar drag artist Astrid and her lover Margot sift through the debris of their war-torn city, they find themselves targets of new danger - this time at the hands of their liberators.

The ghost of Astrid’s friend Lotte also remains close by - a tether to memories of a happier time at the El Dorado... and to the guilt of those who survived its demise.

King Of Berlin is a queer ghost cabaret, a love story, and a meditation on women’s plight in the aftermath of historical military conflicts, written by Kristin Slaney with an original score by Garry Williams. Originally developed in Eastern Front’s Playwrights Unit and workshopped by The Doppler Effect Productions, it debuted on the Halifax stage in the 2017 QueerActs Theatre Festival.

This reading is part of the Neptune Theatre's "Reunited: Page to Stage" series. Neptune Reunited performances are a fundraiser to help reopen the theatre and raise funds to mount a 2021-2022 season. Other plays in the series include In Lieu of Flowers by Alison Crosby, April 9th, and Chasing Champions by Jacob Sampson, April 23rd.

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