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James Thornton's 'Lost Light' at Halifax Fringe

Friday, September 9th, 8:45 pm, AGNS Lecture Theatre

Saturday, September 10th, 9:40 pm*, Neptune's Imperial Studio *NEW TIME & LOCATION

James Thornton reads his new script Lost Light with colleagues Kristi Anderson and Garry Williams at the AGNS Lecture Theatre on Friday, September 9th at 8:45 pm and September 10th 9:40 pm.

What is Lost Light? No one knows, not even the writer, but with a performance deadline fast approaching, the writer, alongside their inner narrations, must turn to the Lost Light. A play written during the beginning of the pandemic, a play that has been re-written countless times. Is it meta? Is it emotional? Is it good? Is it Ed Wood meets Orson Welles? Is it heavy metal meets house and garden? Is it dark, gothic, and disgustingly decadent? Is it the trials and sorrows of art? Perhaps. Beyond good, beyond evil, beyond your wildest imagination. It is the Lost Light.

The performance of Lost Light will be a play reading. All ticket sales will be donated to the Nova Scotia Society for Huntington's.

Creative team: Director/Writer James Thornton Readers Kristi Anderson, James Thornton, and Garry Williams Poster Art done by Evan Gaunt

Show Dates and Location: AGNS Lecture Theatre September 9th 8:45 pm September 10th 8:00 pm Tickets PWYC

Show Length is 40-60 minutes

Mild Language


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