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Mother Goose Flies Again

DATE: July 9th, 2022

On Saturday, July 9th, DaPoPo's annual romp Happy Birthday, Princess Plum!, a rollicking 30-minute family show, returns to Alderney Landing as part of the Kiwanis Festival, starring Breanne Tice, Lucas Popowich, and Kristi Anderson.

Finnegan Figg (Andrew Kasprzak) informs Princess Plum (Sher Clain) that the kingdom is in a state of Cherry Alert in the original 2009 production.

Happy Birthday, Princess Plum! was written by Garry Williams (The Pirate Show, A Very Cratchit Christmas, and Merritt-nominated scores for SBTS's Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and The Wizard of Oz) with Sher Clain with Andrew Kasprzak.

The 40-minute show tells the story of the entitled Princess Plum, whose birthday party is interrupted when a mysterious knight, Finnegan Figg, declares a state of emergency and seeks to take control of the army. They enlist the quirky castle librarian's help. Soon Mother Goose and the Princess find themselves in grave danger, and join forces to prevent a coup.

Mother Goose (Garry Williams) waves goodbye to Princess Plum (Sher Clain) and Finnegan Figg (Andrew Kasprzak) as Plum's delighted subjects look on.

Performed annually for ten years from 2009-2019, this Alderney Landing staple was twice forestalled by COVID. Now, after two years' hiatus due to the pandemic, Mother Goose flies again!

Previous casts have included Renée Haché (2010); Amy Reitsma, Garrow Hill-Stosky (2011); Schoel Strang, Zach Faye, Kim Parkhill (2012-13); Maggie Hammel, Hugh Cape, Erin Johnstone (2014); Gillian Clark, Jeff O’Hara (2015); Sean Skerry, Keelin Jack (2016); Rachel Hastings, Simon Rainville, Kat McCormack (2017); Christine Daniels, Daniel Gervais, Sarah Richardson (2018); and Dan Bray (2019).

Show times Sat., July. 9th, 2022: 10am, 11am, and 12noon


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