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HEART BURNS: Not Quite Not-Quite- Burns-Night!

DATE: February 13, 2021, 7pm live streamed

Not-Quite-Valentine's Day and Not-Quite-At-All-Burns Night, Heart Burns is an evening of food and performances from home, in support of DaPoPo's Queer Theatre Ensemble.

Below, a screen shot (shared courtesy of Dan McKay) from the live streamed event, February 13, 2021:

Thomas McKechnie (upper left), Toronto-based, theatre creator, writer, bike courier, and organizer, leading attendees in a crowd-sourced "Immortal Memory".

Below, our not-quite Traditional Burns Supper (Vegan Haggis, Neeps & Tatties), prepared by our in-company chef Quincy Russell, frozen for ease of pick-up or delivery, to be enjoyed with the show:

The Golden Ticket, gets you:

Not quite a Traditional Burns Supper (Vegan Haggis, Neeps & Tatties), frozen for ease of pick-up or delivery, to be enjoyed with the show.


A show live-streamed from DaPoPo's headquarters and abroad, where a stunning cast will perform music, poetry, and even lectures, which may or may not be inspired by the dead Scottish Poet and/or love, by artists including Nicole Anaka, Kristi Anderson, Steph Berntson, Laura Burke, Kayla Coolen, Luke Hathaway, Page Gallant, Ian Gilmore, Keelin Jack, Raeesa Lalani, Sansom Marchand, Thomas McKechnie, Jack Smith, Madeleine Tench, Mai Lan To, Shanoa Philips, Quincy Russell, Nathan Simmons, James Thornton, Sam Vigneault, Jake Willet, and Garry Williams.

A link will be sent to guests, upon booking.

A social sprawl will follow the performances, where-by we will open the room to our guests at home to participate

Reserve your ticket & meal by contacting

For admission, send an e-Transfer with the desired purchase price, or pay with cash if you wish, upon meal pick-up/delivery.


Not quite traditional supper and a show - $25* for pick-up

Tickets w/o supper PWYC (suggested donation: min. $15)

*Delivery option for $5

Below, a shot from the Time Before, Not Quite Burns Night 2020.

A patron on site at 1313 Hollis, chatting with Garry Williams (at right), donning a fetching rainbow kilt and bowtie.

We would like to thank Communities, Culture, and Heritage and the taxpayers of Nova Scotia for their generous support during these especially hard times.

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