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Stages of Emancipation

Queer Theatre Ensemble (QTEies) DaPoPo Theatre Sunday, June 6th @ 2pm (Atlantic time) Free symposium, open to public Register in advance, link below

The members of the Queer Theatre Ensemble (QTEies) speak about about their inception, challenges and struggles, and emancipation as an autonomous, radically queer theatre collective. Originally a DaPoPo Theatre initiative, the QTEies partnered with Shakespeare by the Sea before reorganizing as an autonomous collective. In this symposium, members discuss some of the challenges they have faced as queer artists, the strategies they have employed for creating safer spaces, and the visions they hold for the future, as well as the practical and political implications of inclusivity and representation. The symposium will conclude with a question and answer period for attendees.

This symposium is part of Eastern Front Theatre's 2021 Stages Festival.

Register for the Queer Theatre Ensemble here:

Festival passes available at

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