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The FEAR Project

Written and performed by Kristi Anderson and Garry Williams

Winner of the 2016 Fringiest Fringe Show Award

Feedback from 2016 Fringe includes:

“I was in a daze for two hours afterwards!”

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“I was so intrigued by this that I went to see it twice, I’m so pleased that others were equally impressed.”

“The FEAR Project made me laugh – and shudder a bit!”

A new music theatre creation by DaPoPo Theatre. Kristi Anderson and Garry Williams explore personal and cultural fears from June bugs, clowns, terrorism to gentrification, anal sex, and the utter meaninglessness of existence.

Fear features original songs by Anderson and Williams, and was workshop directed by Guillermo Verdecchia as part of DaPoPo Theatre’s 2015 Live-In Festival (LIFe). The creation of this piece was supported by Arts Nova Scotia. The FEAR Project was workshopped at the DaPoPo Live-In Festival 2015, premiered at the Halifax Fringe Festival in 2016 at KAZAN CO-OP's Waiting Room, and subsequently remounted for Re-Fringed 2017 at the Bus Stop Theatre.

Kristi Anderson as Balthazar in The FEAR Project, Live-In Festival (LIFe) 2015.


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